Customer testimonials
Thank you to all the embroiderers around the world who have bought my patterns and The Stitch & Thimble, and been so complimentary about my work. I'm glad you've enjoyed stitching my designs and love hearing from you.
"Your designs have a nice balance of traditional with a modern twist. Please keep it up."
Ruth Ann - London, Ontario, Canada

"Your designs and work are delightful. The designs are uncomplicated, clear, just what I like … It was very simple to see what was required."
Prue - Johannesburg, South Africa

"I downloaded the [pattern] files without a problem and love the designs; now we will see if I can mimic your beautiful final product."
Leah - Tempe, Arizona, US

"I have to say that your work is absolutely gorgeous and I am so happy to have found your website. Your work is so unique and contemporary... just what I have been searching for! I look forward to stitching your lovely patterns and to trying the appliqué techniques."
Kim - Springdale, Arizona, US

"Your designs are deceptively simple. At a glance my first thought is, how simple (I think simple is a good thing - clean, clear, doable). But then at a second look, there is always a depth to your designs, surprising details. And always that elegant line. Thanks!"
Marjorie - Lansing, Illinois, US

"Wonderful! Great pattern [Buds of May] and very nice instructions. Thank you!"
Erin - Brookfield, Connecticut, US

"I am very pleased with the quality of your pattern instructions, along with the reverse templates. I look forward to trying out more of your designs."
Alice - Damascus, Maryland, US

"I was thrilled to stumble across your work and patterns. It will be so amazing to learn new stitches while creating something so stunning [Celtic Stems]."
Terri - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Your work is beautiful, very different."
Shirley - Lurgan, UK

"I love your work!"
Gleyse - Sao Paulo, Brazil

"It's a beautiful pattern [Anatomical Bee] and I'm enjoying teaching myself to embroider! Your instructions are so clear."
Sarah - Lacey, Washington, US

"I am new to hand embroidery and find your designs delightful."
Amy - Brockport, New York, US

"I like your modern approach."
Pam - Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada

"I would just like to thank you for the beautiful patterns that you are willing to share with those of us who do not have the talent to design, but still love to embroider! I am recovering from ovarian cancer and all these wonderful embroidery sites really inspire me to beat the big C. Thank you!"
Marianne - by email

"I downloaded them [Anatomical Creatures patterns] easily and I love them. I can't wait to start them. Just need to find some time!"
Judi - Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK

"Great that it [Radiant Heart pattern] is an instant download, no waiting - her designs are beautiful..."
Karen - Swansea, Massachusetts, US

"I love the pattern and your finished example is adorable. I just recently started to embroider and I am excited to work on the heart [Radiant Heart]. Thank you!"
Jennifer - Musselburgh, East Lothian, UK

"I received the issue [The Stitch & Thimble] and it is beautiful."
Marlies - Enschede, Netherlands

"I am bowled over by your designs, you are very talented!"
Felicity - Exeter, Devon, UK

"Love Kelly's designs!!!! She uses easy stitches and designs are small enough so that they don't take forever to embroider."
Linda - Gonzalez, Florida, US

"Such nice patterns. Thanks for the great designs."
Stephanie - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"All the embroideries look great, can't wait to start."
Viveka - Olofström, Sweden

"The pattern [Sweet Hearts] is gorgeous, thank you, and just what my daughter and I were looking for. We really love your designs."
Bev - Johannesburg, South Africa

"This is such a great whimsy of a pattern [Celtic Stems]!! Love it. Fun to stitch and great instructions! Highly recommended!!"
Robyn - Normanhurst, New South Wales, Australia

"Your embroidery is beautiful."
Pamela - by email

"I've just begun to work on your Celtic Stems pattern - it's beautiful and I'm so excited about it!"
Deanna - Baltimore, Maryland, US

"I admire your stitching very much."
Viv - London, UK

"The PDF [pattern] arrived promptly and when I had a question, the [Etsy shop] owner was great about getting back to me and answering my questions."
Sarah - Lacey, Washington, US

"I found your work on the web, love it!"
Shireen - Johannesburg, South Africa

"Your work is beautiful."
Colleen - Dallas, Texas, US

"Your patterns are special."
Sue - Sydney, Australia